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i think the saddest type of crying is when the person is saying completely nothing but tears are coming out of there eyes and then you know they’ve really been hurt

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Do you ever start RPing with someone and they’re just so damn good at their character and you’re, like, a drunk llama pounding the keyboard and you have to physically restrain yourself from apologizing after every reply but you’re trying to play it cool like maybe they won’t notice how bad you are and


i think everyone has this fear/problem. ngl

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I usually hate ”The person below this status..” shit, but Harry’s wee face is just too funny.
If someone stuck a crayola up my ass, i’d probably have the same face.

I usually hate ”The person below this status..” shit, but Harry’s wee face is just too funny.

If someone stuck a crayola up my ass, i’d probably have the same face.

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unfortunate harry styles crayons up the ass? no thanks


an american is asked the date. he says “it’s 12/12/12”. someone british prepares themselves to disagree, however, is stuck by surprise. “oh my god, it’s 12/12/12 for me too!” he realizes. they smile at each other. for one day the world is at peace. tomorrow, war will start again, but until then, everyone is happy.

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we're the same as our transatlantic cousins

feeling indecisive about life this week.

looking up year long work placements in canada. 


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an idiot abroad life student ohcanada

ugh, fuck the timezones.

i haven’t even done my apps, but i’m too hungover for that business.

i’ll be asleep for the opening, but it’s okay because i’ll just gush over the site at college tomorrow like the good student i am~

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bms rp fml

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cassidy maguire , twenty-six , human , karen hassan

  • ten years ago the maguire sisters moved from their native belfast to new york city, they wanted to find romance and adventure in the city that never sleeps.
  • cassidy dropped out of school to follow her big sister, and their parents never quite forgave them for what they said was “throwing their lives away.” aoife was eighteen, but when they ran out of money - they lied about their ages and sweet-talked their way into getting jobs in a strip club.
  • neither of them were particularly proud about it, but they wanted to live in the city and the city was an expensive place to be.
  • after the trouble five years ago, aoife’s boyfriend got them to safety. he was the one who managed to get the maguire sisters into coldwater creek and it was there that they learned he was in fact a werewolf
  • after a week of being in coldwater creek, aoife was bitten and she didn’t survive. cassidy still doesn’t know who it was but she’s been very resentful of the werewolves ever since and is very mistrusting of them. even aoife’s boyfriend - she looked up to him and trusted him to take care of them and then lol whoops, he failed.
  •  if there was anything in the outside world, then cassidy would have left after aoife’s death but she knew that she was safer with the supernatural than without them.
  • because she doesn’t know who she can trust, cassidy can come across as shy; she takes a while to open up to people and making friends has never come particularly easy to her. people mistake her guard for arrogance and it’s not uncommon for her to get herself into trouble.
  • when cassie does let people in, then they get to see the old cassidy. the fun-loving, fiery irish girl who has an opinion on everything and loves nothing more than a friendly debate.
  • if you think you can walk all over her, then think again my friend. cassidy doesn’t often back down and her resentment and angst has built over the years so pissing her off and hitting her buttons is a very bad idea unless you want a five-foot-four irish lass attacking you.
  • she’s a little bookworm at times, and she managed to save a few of her favourites when they fled new york five years ago. give her a book and she might melt the ice queen exterior long enough to hold a decent conversation with her.
  • she needs some friends, those who have managed to get past the barriers and gotten to know her eventually but she lives in the human projects, so do with that as you will~
  • also, would love the werewolf that bit her sister and possibly the werewolf aoife was dating to have some kind of interaction with her at some point~ might as well stir up some old feelings and kick the girl while she’s down. ‘cause that’s always fun.
  • either way, hit her up - she’s open for plottage~
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bms rp
ok cool! will dooooo <3 i'll get a blurb up on my rp blog at some point today! :D
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Wooooo! Can’t wait to read it :D

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bms rp










tears tears forever

Omg. I am actually crying.

Will always reblog every time I see this

I didn’t even see that coming.

Im Crying! </3 Aww

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that's so beautiful i cried wtf jade why are you crying? FEELS forever reblog

Just clogging the tag up, nbd.
I’m requesting the other Beaumont sisters and as I’ve mentioned in Ade’s blurb the come from a powerful witch family and have been well aware of their powers from a young age. With their Aunt’s help they have managed to learn some degree of self control.

Sawyer Beaumont ;; Troian Bellisario ;; Nineteen ;; Water Witch ;; Reckless | TAKEN

Adelaide Beaumont ;; Jessica Stroup ;; Twenty-One ;; Water Witch ;; Playful | TAKEN

Sophie Beaumont* ;; Natalie Portman ;; Twenty-Four ;; Earth Witch ;; Bitter | OPEN

The names are provisional and are free to be changed, as are the playbys - they were merely a wee suggestion to get people interested. 

If you want to know more or you wanna snag a Beaumont witch then please do let me know <3

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bms rp

adelaide beaumont, twenty-one, water witch, jessica stroup* (hopefully)

  • don’t call her adelaide, it stresses her out. just stick to ade, addie, whatevs.
  • her parents died when she was three, so orphan addie & her sisters got sent to live with their aunt. her aunt is also a water witch, as was their mother, so thanks to catherine, the beaumont girls were taught from a young age all about their family secrets.
  • she’s not sad about her parents, she got used to it pretty quick to be fair. even though catherine was pretty young at the time she took them in, she managed fairly well in the mothering department.
  • she has two sisters; sophia, the eldest, is an earth witch, and nobody is entirely sure how that happened but it did and she feels left out and black-sheepish because the other women in her family were water witches. and ellie is a water witch, and the youngest of the three. she’s been reckless with her magic and she’s a bit of a wild child - there’s no reigning that girl in as much as the beaumont sisters try. 
  • the beaumonts are a powerful family, they’ve had generations of witches and there’s no disputing that people know who they are. they aren’t quite as high class as some of the other powerful families, but they’re known to the extent that people don’t fuck with them.
  • she’s been very reluctant with her magic, though she still practices because let’s be realistic here - it’s incredibly addictive and ade can do some pretty awesome shit with those powers of hers. she’s pretty powerful, it helps that she was brought up with the magic and that she had her aunt to help her develop and control her powers - without her as a mentor, she probably wouldn’t have the strength she does.
  • she wants to keep developing her powers but she’s reluctant about how often she actually does it - since she’s sick to death of hearing about how using it too much will eventually kill her but she thinks if she keeps practicing then she’ll get stronger and can use it more. it’s very confusing and it’s like a constant battle in that head of hers.
  • she is fascinated by humans, more so because she’s always known that she isn’t one. she doesn’t discriminate against anyone; the whole food chain order thing going on really pisses her off because she doesn’t believe that having abilities makes her better than anyone else, especially humans. but then again, she’s a bit of a whore and she’s fucked every other species, her curiosity may just be because she wants to bang one. but shh, i didn’t tell you…
  • she’s incredibly playful and the biggest flirt you’ll find for miles; when she was younger, ade was known as a tease - men had to seriously fight hard to get into her pants and she was a bit of a challenge. she knew they were taking bets to see who could get into her first and after a few years of playing chase with the males she was sinking her claws into, ade got bored of that.
  • so call her what you will, but she doesn’t really give a fuck. out of the three, ade is probably the most laid-back beaumont sister. she’s easy going and friendly; not quite what people expect from the witches these days but she doesn’t do discrimination. then again, she doesn’t exactly voice that opinion out loud because the last thing she needs is to get herself and her family into trouble.

she doesn’t have anything planned, really, so come love on us and plot. we can get some stuff worked out <3 also if you wanna make a beaumont sister just lemme know~

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bms rp adelaide beaumont witch

Don’t judge his choices of accommodation.


Don’t judge his choices of accommodation.

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cassie this makes me think of you
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he's smiling because he's having a sample mint sauce and he'll be lovely nah it's cute srsly though mint sauce nomnomnom